What is your refund policy

We accept returns on stocked items within 10 days of delivery. The customer will pay return shipping coasts and will receive a refund minus initial shipping costs. Custom creations are returnable on a case by case basis and would be on the same terms as stocked items.

What do you finish your furniture with?

The finish on any piece of furniture is of the upmost importance as it protects and enhances the wood ensuring the furniture can last a lifetime. This should be thoroughly understood prior to purchase of any item. Here at Wicked we are able to custom finish all our pieces (wax, lacquer, oil etc.) but, as standard, we use an industry leading, low VOC polyurethane.

What wood do you use and why?

When it comes to furniture there really is only one choice of timber for us: hardwoods. The everyday wear that a modern family environment takes on its furniture requires it be robust and prepared for longevity. Most of our hardwoods are sourced from the cargo trains that freighted America through the last century. Whilst the timber is expensive in comparison to the softer varieties it is because of its strength that it was chosen for this role.

What maintenance is required?

The finish we use is designed for the modern, busy home. To this end it is both water and heat resistant. We always recommend spills be tidied immediately and coasters / plate mats be used. To clean use a damp cloth.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. Around 80% of the projects we undertake are customised in some way by our clients. Customisation of any of our pieces is possible at no extra cost. However, overall size increases / decreases will be reflected in the price.

How are your shipping prices set?

Shipping is standardised across the world but if your country is not stated then please get in touch. Because of the high volumes we ship we get deep discounts though our accounts with national shippers and freight brokers which are not available elsewhere.

Do you sell to retail / wholesale?

Yes. Wicked runs out of a 3000 square foot workshop in Hertfordshire, England. We work through local stores and plan to expand our channels of distribution over the coming year. Please get in touch to talk.