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At the core of Wicked Boxcar are Toby and Nishma – a husband and wife team to be reckoned with, who started the company while living in Colorado, before bringing it home to the UK. Toby came across some reclaimed oak flooring, stripped from boxcar freight trains, and built the first of many tables.┬áThere’s something deeply satisfying about creating something beautiful – the process is addictive. Now, we design, build and ship our furniture all over the world.


We believe that furniture must tell a story, from the design, to the materials, to the homegrown crafting. We’ve expanded very organically since that first table in 2013, placing the emphasis on building products that we truly believe in, rather than making a quick profit, and we believe that integrity shines through to our customers.

What do you admire?

We’re not pretentious about what we do, and we’re big fans of the hobbyists picking up tools and creating something. That feeling of achievement when a personal project is finished is really special.

Can we come and see you?

We don’t have a physical shop or showroom – but you’re absolutely welcome to come and visit our workshop. It’s a little rough around the edges (just the way we like it), but you can have a chat with us and take a peek at any ongoing projects we may have at the time.

Can I send you a design?

Definitely! Whether your inspiration has come from one of our past projects, or you’ve had a spark of genius yourself, we’d love to hear from you. Everything we make is entirely customisable to your requirements, and we’re always happy to try new things.

What’s your creative process?

We’re constantly designing in the workshop – in physical form. We’ll sketch a few ideas out, but really the best way of knowing whether something will work, is to try it. Sometimes that means what looked amazing in our heads gets scrapped as soon as its built – but that’s the way it goes!

What’s the best part of your job?

Building stuff! Put simply, we love to design and make things – it’s become an intrinsic part of us. We’d encourage everyone to give it a go, because it’s much simpler than you think. Also – the table tennis championship and a workshop beer aren’t too bad either!

What’s next?

We’ve recently invested quite a lot in our on-site metalshop, which has really allowed our creativity to reach a new high. Thanks to our fab metalworkers, a simple idea for a table leg can be knocked up in under an hour, and it’s given us so many new ideas. The combination of industrial steel and old slabs of hardwood is unbeatable.


A little insight into what happens when we try to make serious videos about who we are and what we do...!

Posted by Wicked Boxcar on Friday, 3 March 2017

We are so happy with our finished table and bench - the wood looks absolutely fantastic and the quality of the craftsmanship is excellent. Toby and Nishma were a pleasure to deal with and accommodated all of our requests and so a very big thanks to them. Would recommend to anyone wanting a unique piece for their home.

Etsy Customer Review

I had a table and bench custom made for my very small kitchen. Toby made the bench so it could fit directly underneath my table so when it wasnt being used it could be stored neatly. The finish is beautiful, I know I will have the table and bench forever!! The communication from Toby and Nishma was excellent and delivery was v.professional. The service was some of the best I have ever received. I loved the table and bench so much that I have ordered an additional bench last week. If we move the table and benches will be very versatile and we could use them in different rooms. I could not recommend this company enough!! So glad I did my research and didn't go to Ikea as originally planned.....the product is unique to our needs, just perfect!!

Emma, Etsy Customer

Wonderful piece, love the polish and the hairpin legs, exactly what I was hoping for - Thank you!
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